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"PROS: Several highly useful and unique features. Search filters. Attachments preview. Nicely designed UI. Good performance. CONS: None really."
"Stylish to look at and immensely useful, MailDeck will soon be a new favorite iPad email tool."

"Give MailDeck a try and you might never look back."

"Smarter email management and a more refined interface"

The Inbox of Your Dreams

Use ‘Preview’ to effortlessly slide through important messages one-by-one. ‘Decks’ will help with your collection of lengthy email threads. Or scroll your inbox with the standard ‘List’ view.

Reclaim Your Life - Swiftly

MailDeck recognizes dates and times within an email to easily create tasks. Link the task to an email, multiple contacts, and create a location for the task. Manage your tasks within the app or through Apple Reminders.

Find the Needle in the Haystack

With our sophisticated search engine, finding emails is no longer a hassle. Easily apply and toggle filters from 11 possible categories to reveal that long-lost email.

App Store Reviews

Wow! Amazing app for email

"Such a beautiful, creative, user friendly app. I go through several hundred emails each week with multiple accounts; MailDeck has unique features that I have never seen before..."

Beautiful email app

"Beautiful interface and rock solid functionality, discovering features all the time!"

Outstanding mail app!

"It's got folders, all properly nested and labeled. It's got multiple accounts. It properly syncs. It just works."

Super Easy Access

With a single tap, you can view pertinent contact information and related email threads, tasks, and attachments on a single screen.

No Spying Eyes

Share your iPad, not your email with user-specific passcode protection. Now you can let your family use your iPad without compromising your email. Even let them set up their own accounts. We promise to keep each user’s emails safe and private.

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